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I found myself eating a lot of carbs to compensate for the lack of sugar. These are extreme experiments, of course. Lowering your blood sugar levels is not difficult. If you are sleepy or have tingling in your lips or experience headaches plus lack of coordination treat your hypoglycemia immediately. Glucose or blood sugar is transported from your intestines or liver to the cells in your body via the bloodstream.

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Anyone who knows me also knows that I have a huge sweet tooth. If you do not treat hyperglycemia you may experience ketoacidosis or a diabetic coma. All of these components have been observed in animal models of addiction — for sugar, as well as drugs of abuse. When your blood sugar drops below 70 milligrams per deciliter symptom will develop.

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A few months ago, one expert suggested that the average Briton consumes teaspoons of sugar each week. After a month of following this daily pattern, rats display behaviours similar to those on drugs of abuse. Blood sugar levels that cannot be managed may be treated by a combination of oral and injectable medications including insulin. Your body has too little insulin or is unable to use insulin properly. Glucose or blood sugar is transported from your intestines or liver to the cells in your body via the bloodstream. I found myself eating a lot of carbs to compensate for the lack of sugar. Anyone who knows me also knows that I have a huge sweet tooth.

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The prefrontal cortex also activates hormones that tell our body: Work with your doctor to solve high blood sugar levels. Recheck your blood glucose levels after 15 minutes.

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