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How much muscle can a natural, experienced lifter gain in 4 weeks? When I took some time out to reflect on why and talked to some other guys that had the same issue, I heard one thing over and over again:. Add in the fact that the only significant joint movement comes from a slight amount of hip extension and even less knee extension, proportionally speaking and it amounts to several drawbacks that don't put it on par with other big movements from a mass building perspective.

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No eccentric, no growth. Focus on training that muscle group multiple times a week with different movements to maximize its growth. Here's what science and history have to say about fitness, fatness, and our preferences. The first man to pick up 1, pounds shows you how to set a new deadlift PR. But if you want a deadlift variation that offers more bang for its buck in terms of building pure posterior chain mass, the stiff-legged deficit deadlift is a more superior option. Here's where most people get it wrong. Make no mistake, training the big three are a great way to develop the lifts and they can be great tools to get larger and stronger.

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If you want chest development, you can't just rely on the bench press. If you're a competitive powerlifter, well, it's hard to get around maximizing performance on the platform without practicing the big three lifts. Dumbbell pressing at various angles and flyes performed correctly palms forward and concentrating more on the stretch and contraction portions of the movement without going overly heavy are much better options for complete development. They ultimately figured out that they had to include things like hack squats, leg presses, and front squats into their routines in order to actually both maximize quad size and squat strength. But if you want a deadlift variation that offers more bang for its buck in terms of building pure posterior chain mass, the stiff-legged deficit deadlift is a more superior option. It causes muscle weakness, fatigue, and brain fog.

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It places a big emphasis on both the stretch portion and eccentric portion of the movement. Try out the exercises in this T Nation classic and get fired up again. The science of the ripple effect, plus some controversial research on why couples either get fat or stay lean.

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