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Offenders must disclose information about their conviction s to potential adult sexual partners before beginning sexual relationships. If community corrections officers permit access to computers, they normally must have blocks that prevent access to specific sites. The offender must have been convicted of a sex offense for his or her current or a previous term of incarceration. This model outlines practices to provide treatment to the higher risk offenders, targeting criminogenic needs, and delivering treatment through a cognitive behavioral approach. Provide information to aid DOC and the community to monitor and manage offenders more effectively.

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Below are Department of Corrections DOC policies that apply to the sex offender treatment and assessments. Through the use of motivational interviewing techniques and the development of a therapeutic rapport, the SOTAP has seen a dramatic increase in the rates of higher risk sex offenders volunteering to participate in the treatment program. Beginning inthe SOTAP instituted the practice of completing face to face screenings with all sex offenders coming in through the Reception and Diagnostic Center in Shelton, Washington. Working collaboratively with their therapist, offenders learn what lead to past offenses and then work to develop pro-social attitudes, thinking, and skills needed to reduce the likelihood of re-offending and increase pro-social living. Help the offender learn the attitudes, thinking skills, and behaviors necessary to live pro-socially.

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Any contact with minors that is permitted by the court is monitored and managed by the CCO while the offender is under supervision. Offenders may be required to pay restitution, supervision, child support and all other financial obligations. Below are Department of Corrections DOC policies that apply to the sex offender treatment and assessments.

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Sex offender treatment

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Many higher risk sex offenders don't volunteer to participate in treatment on their own. An estimated 95 percent of the sex offenders sentenced to prison eventually return to the community. Below are state laws RCWs that apply to the sex offender treatment and assessments. Some offenders may be required by their CCO to disclose their criminal history to their families and friends.

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Sex Offender Program

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Generally, the release address of sex offenders is scrutinized to assess potential risk to the community and for the offender. The offender must have been convicted of Sex Offender Program sex offense for his or her current or a previous term of incarceration. Expansion of SOTAP at the SOU is in response to to an increasing number of offenders with serious mental illness who are in need of access to sexual deviancy treatment. Participants who complete the institutional phase are expected to participate in aftercare treatment in the community which typically lasts from months depending on individual risk factors, compliance with supervision and treatment progress.

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