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My world consists of sunsets at the lake. Dad cranked the volume. A roaring fireplace in the winter and a big porch in the summer. Watching the cardinals and the squirrels play in the backyard or the torrential rain wash sins all the way to the end of the street out front.

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He dropped the car keys on the counter — just out of my reach — and flipped through the six-page, color-coded ransom note. Vinyl, 8-track, cassettes, CDs, digital, vinyl again. I reached across the counter and snatched the paperwork and the keys off the counter. A pound Great Pyrenees, Jake was a dependable sentry who patrolled the chain-link fence. Her status update trails off as she hurries past me and toward her room. Where I can walk to church.

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At the bottom, highlighted in yellow: When are you going to land? We also recommend that you have blah, blah, thingamajig, blah, with the whatchamacallit and blah done.

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And the inordinately happy people who greet me at the YMCA three mornings a week. And not too shabbily. And so, it began. For years, the only person who lived here was a woman known by everyone in town.

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When are you going to land? He opened the document to the last page, turned it toward me and waited.

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