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Are men and women equally at risk of getting and spreading hepatitis through sex? In general, the vaccine tends to provide immunity to about 90 percent of the adult population who complete the series, and to about 95 percent of vaccinated children. For example, people in long-standing relationships generally care for one another in times of illness or injury. What does it mean for my health? In an Emergency On-campus Resources.

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It sounds as though your friend has "chronic" hepatitis B, meaning that she continues to carry the hepatitis B virus HBVand can possibly spread the disease to others, even though her symptoms have disappeared. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Beyond that, your friend needs to be diligent about following safer sex guidelines just like the rest of us! Continued Are men and women equally at risk of getting and spreading hepatitis through sex?

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Yet, since HBV has been found in saliva, the risk of transmission with deep kissing probably exists and the risk increases if one partner wears orthodontic braces or has open cuts or sores in the mouth. If you have tested positive for hepatitis A, you may want to tell to your sex partner s that you have the virus. Each year, approximately people will die because of hepatitis A. However, it can make some people very sick, and it is easily preventable. What are the risks subjected to my friend? Catching hepatitis by kissing an infected person is unlikely -- although deep kissing that involves the exchange of large amounts of saliva might result in HBV, especially if there are cuts or abrasions in the mouth of the infected person. Oral-anal contact is also risky.

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What About Sex and Hepatitis C?

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Any sexual activity that might cause abrasions, cuts, or other trauma is especially risky. Children under 6 years of age seldom develop symptoms, although some may experience diarrhea. The chance of transmission with deep kissing is unknown, as no infections have been definitively documented after exposure to infected saliva. Fortunately, complications from hepatitis A are rare, and few deaths result from it. How effective are condoms at stopping sexual transmission of hepatitis?

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Hepatitis From Sex

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If even a microscopic amount of virus-laden feces gets into the mouthinfection potentially can result. Is it possible to catch hepatitis from kissing? That's not to say that the rest of us are off the hook! Besides vaccination, there are other ways to protect yourself against sexual transmission of hepatitis A: Some experts recommend sticking with a plain condom.

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