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The buffalo is associated with strength, sustance and bringing snow in the winter. The Zuni's use a coyote fetish when hunting for bighorn or mountain sheep but it is in Hopi-land that mountain sheep have the most importance. This photo is of a group of 22 fetishes just acquired. Other materials used are travertine or "Zuni rock", fishrock, jasper , pipestone , marble , or organic items such as fossilized ivory , bone , and deer or elk antler.

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Highly revered in Zuni, the eagle's feathers are still used in sacred ceremonies. I look forward to continuing to follow Zuni Spirits and increasing my knowledge of this lovely art form. The guardian of the zenith or sky, the eagle is multi-colored and he is part of both a healing and a hunting directional set. Click here to hear "bird" in Shiwi, - the Zuni Language. He is one of the "realistic" Zuni fetish carvers.

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Collecting Zuni fetishes is a satisfying experience on so many levels. In an effort to keep Zunispirits. Horses are not a traditional animal of the Zuni but they carve them and probably have for generations for other tribes and for herd protection.

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The buffalo is associated with strength, sustance and bringing snow in the winter. Some will carve them in a realistic style and others will employ inlay and sgraffito to decorate the turtle's shell. Click here to hear "bear" in Shiwi, - the Zuni Language. Zuni mythology placed particular importance on mountain lions, bears, badgers, wolves, eagles, moles, and bobcats.

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