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May we all experience ecstatic orgasmic bliss that gives us a taste of the infinite world beyond our limited ego, and eventually remember that this state of bliss is our true home. On this occasion I had been football training and was wearing just my shorts and a support underneath. Liberation on Bicycles for Victorian Women - happiness. Congrats on achieving over

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In a culture that is finally learning to understand what rape culture you have taken the wonderfulness of orgasm and thrown in a one word grenade. Loved your story and admire your work. I had learned that not only could I get the most amazing orgasm from climbing the steel poles it would go on and on and I could do it almost as often as I liked as long as my arms would allow me to climb. You must be logged in to post a comment. The same position that with men was associated with going fast and racing, was seen with women as an obvious aid to masturbation. Everything in our lives is connected.

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Congrats on achieving over But sometimes I look at the cut out seats and think back to the s and wonder if the doctors of the day would have smiled approvingly. Sheila who was more of a cell mate than a lover could also do this and we learned to make love together on those exercise poles without even touching our own private parts let alone each other's I recall one very steamy session we had been kissing and petting knowing all the time we would climb watching each other as the funny feeling as we called it flushed through our body's.

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Bicycle orgasm

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Hi Pete, Thanks for sharing! This was a beautifully written article! In male riders, it might be criticized or mocked. Not to mention that if we only focus on the external part, how will we ever learn to awaken the sensitivity on the inside?

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Bike Seat Orgasm

Bike Seat Orgasm: Anal Orgasm

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This is a very harmful statement. The petting always left me wanting more and the thought of getting my hands inside her underwear still haunts me today. You basically need to trust that something else is possible.

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Ikr I was actually really into the story
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