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What Does Cum Taste Like

Have fun and stay safe! The simple answer to this question is taste it and find out. If you like to increase your volume taking herbal supplements may help. Some people recommend cranberry juice, which might also help you beat a UTI.

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Likewise, vegetables like parsley and celery are recommended. Like a Double Cheeseburger and Fries with Ketchup. The amount of water that a man expends every day is additionally expected to have a part in the essence of his cum. I'm a gay man, and I love cum. It tastes like my girlfriend's face. Regarding male semen taste here are some of the most common questions on why some women swallow semen and concerns about if eating semen is safe:

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Using a condom can also help to prevent STIs that are spread through oral sex. Some people recommend cranberry juice, which might also help you beat a UTI. I hope this tip helps you! It usually tastes salty with little sweetness. Is There Sperm in Precum? Yeah, I guess TheMan didn't quite get that, kudos for writing honestly temptation. Then there are others who describe the taste of semen as bitter or like beer or even acidic, which brings us to the fact that what the man eats may actually play a role in the taste of his cum.

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What Does Sperm Taste Like?

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What Does Cum Taste Like? The Answer Is Kinda Weird…: Amateur Interracial

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I'm a swallowing fan. Is it safe to swallow semen? If you would like more info.

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What Does Cum Taste Like

What Does Cum Taste Like: Amateur Interracial

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Drinking fruit juices from pineapple, citrus, and cranberry is also known to make semen taste sweeter. It actually doesn't taste that bad.

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